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Adult Orthodontics 

To begin your treatment, the first step is to check whether you are eligible. Your dentist will assess your eligibility during the consultation visit.

Clear Aligners 

Clear Aligners are a clear orthodontic aligner system that uses the latest technology to create the smile you have always wanted.  Clear Aligners consist of a series of virtually invisible, removable aligners that are changed roughly every two weeks. Each aligner is carefully designed specifically for your teeth and moves them little by little, week by week until they have reached the final position prescribed by your dentist. Clear Aligners are close to being invisible, slimline, and comfortable.


Key Features

  1. Clear aligners are made of clear acrylic and are removable.

  2. The aligners can be removed for a short time, for eating, important meetings, or social events

  3. Treatment times can be as little as 12 weeks (depending on complexity).

  4. Treatment fees include retainers (These are to help stop your teeth from moving after treatment has been completed and will need to be worn usually overnight. Your dentist will go through the post-treatment plan with you and advise on how best to keep your smile)

  5. Discomfort is minimal as teeth are gently repositioned.











Comprehensive adult orthodontics

For more severe tooth crowding, jaw relationship problems, or where precise tooth positioning is required comprehensive orthodontic treatment may be an option.  A greater range of movement can be achieved than with cosmetic adult orthodontics.  More information on adult orthodontics can be found on the British Orthodontic Society website by clicking the link below.


Key Features

  1. Fixed braces with metal or tooth-colored bracket options.

  2. Greater range of movements achievable to treat more complex cases

  3. Correction of jaw relationship problems possible

  4. Treatment times are typically longer (12-24 months, depending on complexity))

before and after adult ortho

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