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Jaw Joint Problems 

To begin your treatment, the first step is to check whether you are eligible. Your dentist will assess your eligibility during the consultation visit.

Pain and clicking from the jaw joints can impact severely on quality of life.  It is often associated with headaches, migraines, painful teeth, grinding and clenching, muscular pain in the face, excessive wear on the teeth, broken teeth and fillings.

The cause of these problems is related to the function of the jaw joint, the way your teeth meet together and hyperactivity of the jaw muscles.  These problems can be treated using a small plastic guard that fits over your teeth called an occlusal splint.  The splint protects the teeth from damage, allows the jaw muscles to relax and relieves discomfort in the jaw joint.

In some case further treatment, known as occlusal equilibration, may be advisable.  This involves making very small adjustments to the teeth to allow the lower jaw to move more freely and eliminate the jaw joint problem permanently.

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